Where Savannah's Past Comes Alive!

Explore Savannah's Historic District with one of our experienced Tour Guides. We 

offer  morning, afternoon and evening Tours and Pub Crawls. Each Tour has its own special themed routes.  Our Experienced Tour guides will share with you their stories of our city's historic and haunted places and past.


Haunted/History Happy Hour Tour

4 pm Molly McPherson's Scottish Pub


Explore Savannah with a drink in hand, taking a 90 minute walk along the streets and through the squares. Discover Savannah's historic and haunted past. Happy Hour prices are available at our 4 bar stops.! Along the way you'll hear stories of ghosts such as Charlie and Hank. You'll see where Jenny from Forest Gump worked, and hear the sad story of Alice Riley. We'll tell you tales of Civil War soldiers, roaming the halls, in a historic hotel. We'll discuss the Famous murder trial involving Jim Williams and share other tales as well. We guarantee this to be a fun experience for your family or group. You'll discover why Savannah is known as the City Built Upon The Dead!

$22.00 pp

Legends and Myths Morning Tour

10 am Reynolds Square

Our Morning Tour starts off in one of Savannah's earliest Squares: Reynolds Square at 10am. Walking along our city's historic streets and squares, your guide will share with you the History of Savannah from the Colonial Period to the Civil War. You are sure to be entertained by our stories of Savannah's Legends  Scoundrels and Ghosts. You'll discover some of Savannah's most haunted places; learn where Presidents visited; hear about Savannah's rough and tumble history along River Street and Bay Street; and hear stories of Indians duels and pirates!  $22.00 pp




Take an evening stroll with one of our tour guides. As we roam the Squares and Streets of the Historic District with a beverage in hand. Listening to tales of Ghosts and Odd Historic Tales,seems to make everything come alive.
Come with us and discover why Savannah is known as the City built upon the dead! You'll hear stories of of Savannah's early days and of the Civil War. Hear tales of ghosts, exorcisms, voodoo ceremonies, people buried alive, and more! Even non believers will walk away believing that ghosts are real! 

Depart: 7:15pm/$22.00

Location: Northeast Corner of Chippewa Square

                 Across From The Savannah Theater


                                                             WE ARE FAMILY FRIENDLY!

                                      Savannah Legends and Myths is a great tour for Families

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