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Moon River Brewery Once

Savannah #1 Hotel

Before being known as Savannah's first Micro Brewery (and restaurant) 21 West Bay Street was the site of Savannah's first hotel built by Elazer Early in 1821, it was a gathering spot for local notables as well as internationally famous persons such as: the marquuis de Lafayette, Naturalist James Audubon and national heros such as Genreal Winfield Scott. The City Hotel boasted the finest dining and libations in Savannah at that time! Sold in 1851 to Peter Wiltberger: To attract business to his newly renovated hotel, Wiltberger purchased and displayed a Lion and a Loiness caged in the lobby for all to see! Reportedly designed by the famous English architect William Jay; this beautiful example of Regency Style building has a dark and violent past....

Famed Mercer House Has A Strange Colorful History

Even Before The famous Jim Williams purchased the home build by General Mercer; the home was noted for the strange occurrences which happened there! The home was consider bad luck by locals. Several occupants met with ill timed and odd deaths. In 1913 the owner, while walking down the second floor stairway stumbled and fell of the banister. Locals came to his aid, thinking he escaped from any serious injury; unfortunately 3 days later he died in the home during the night! In 1969 a young boy who had climbed up to the roof to chase pidgeons. while on the roof he tripped and fell of the roof! he landed on top of the spiked tops of the fence! Of course everyone familiar with the book, "Midnight In The Garden of Good And Evil, knows about how JIM shot and killed his gay prostitute lover Danny Hansford, just before the cocktail party to be held in the home latter that evening!

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